Good news, bad news

 Valentino's left ear suddenly swelled up horribly and he had to go in for a bit of cosmetic surgery. The ear still looks horrible, but slim. ;)

Bella didn't want to come in from the rain but, after three hours, I though enough is enough and dragged her indoors, kicking and whining:

But I said there were bad news too; one of the kittens getting treatment for diarrhea, got worse and stopped eating. After many visits to the vet, it turns out the diarrhea has twisted or glued part the intestines together. The vet suggests we put her to sleep. But, I've got to give it one last try, so now I'm looking for funds and a family willing to take in a cat that will need special care for the rest of her life. Wish me luck?

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  1. Oh my God, Nancy... first of all I'm sending ALL my love, purrs, prayers and positive vibes for that poor little baby!!!!! May she find a good soul willing to give her a chance!!!!

    Valentino: get well soon!!!
    And Bella: hey, I know the Spanish summer has been loooong and hot, and the rain feels great... but don't make your mommy worried!
    Kisses and purrs to all!!!
    Anna & Zoe