Illustration Friday: "Sky"; 空 sora

(Inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk)
Wouldn't it be quite amazing if one could simply climb up into the sky? Of course, technically, one wouldn't have to climb very high to see the clouds from above, just look at this view of Dubai in fog:
Photo by Ian Powell/Barcroft Media, from dailymail.co.uk - click to see more stunning photos.
But I'm reminded of Dr Snuggles, and Woogie, the spotted camel that lives on a rainbow, drinking tea:


  1. Love this beanstalk scene! Sweet expression and very cool background!

  2. Genial tu dibujo, ¿a pluma verdad? o al menos it seems so.
    Tú quisieras saber qué pasa por mi cabeza cuando yo hago mis dibujos, supongo que nada, solamente el deseo de hacer algo estéticamente correcto, no sé si lo logro (supongo que a veces, casi lo logro, pero las personas como tú que dejan sus amables comentarios son demasiado buenas conmigo);))))))))))