House rules = cat rules

Yes, seldom is it more clear about who's actually setting the rules in your house, as on the one morning of the year you're supposed to be allowed to sleep in and still get up on time!
I've got a cat who bites me in the face when he doesn't get his breakfast when he wants it; what tricks do your cats get up to when they've decided you've slept enough? Arrange a wrestling tournament on your bed? Knock down everything on the night table (or any shelf she can get her paws on!)? Give you a chest massage - claws included? 
So yeah, wound back the clock but ... didn't do me much good ;)

This drawing is based on one of the few I've managed to get done for the Sketchbook Project 2013 ... but I'm getting bored so I'll probably try something else. Eventually. Hopefully before the deadline!

Pierre Philippe, asleep at last ..: