Speaking in tongues (7 random things about me, nr 7)

Nothing to do with the post, but isn't she adorable! ;)

Fellow blogger Annuk was tagged to do a 7 things challenge, and one of the things she mentioned was how her being bilingual, sparked a lifelong love of languages. I may only be unilingual, but I definitely share that passion for words, written or spoken, foreign or domestic.

And, among all the things in this world I don't do well, a few of them have to do with language; I can't tell a joke or a story, do imitations or deliberately speak with an accent.
However, I seem to have a knack for pronunciation; whatever I may lack in grammar, wrapping my tongue around words I've never seen before, appears in contrast to be something I'm fairly good at!
For example, this week, our German class had a joint meeting with the "Spanish for Germans" group and, while preparing for it, the teacher jokingly said, "Nancy, just don't say anything in German, or they'll think you speak it and drown you with questions!" 

Example nr 2:
A bit of background to explain things:
Sometimes I shorten words; like when my sister and I are discussing our parents, I refer to them as "mappa" - short for "mamma, pappa". When I talk to my mother, I drop the "m" and just go for "amma".
Anyhow, the other day, I called out to my mother, like you do sometimes - amma
Only, this time, I managed to sound like something straight out of a Korean drama, including that teeny complaining swinging note at the end! It came so unexpectedly, I collapsed a little on the floor, laughing.
Me on a movie poster ... who'd have thought, right? ;)
I blame the lack of interesting Japanese drama lately... seriously, I watch Japanese series in the hopes of catching at least a feel for the language during periods when I don't have the time or will to study properly. But suddenly, this summer, there was nothing on, so I turned to Korean dramas instead. 
I shouldn't have. 
Beacuse I became addicted to this one show (Reply 1997), the first and only series I've ever watched twice - first, the second it hit the net and then again a few days later, with subs. Adorable, is how I'd describe it.


  1. You are lucky to have that ability...to pronounce so well. I too love languages but unlike you I can only get a group of them. The far eastern languages are indecipherable to me! I actually know some of the reasons but I remain surprised. I like your language ...amma. My sisters always had their own language because they are twins. : ) Love your kitty! : )

  2. LOL Nancy! ;D I loved reading about your knack for pronunciation!
    By the way... your lovely questions "challenged" me to tell a bit more about each of my 7 little facts... Number one is already online! :)
    The kitty is just adorable!!! :)

  3. Nydelig pus. Herlig bilde :) Og morsom lesing om språk og uttale.
    Takk for besøk på bloggen min og hyggelig kommentar.
    Ha det godt!
    Hilde :)