A little help for the animals in Greece

Anna, of Annuk Creations (please see her site for details), posted to highlight the problems the Greek animal shelters are going through right now, with this huge national economic crisis going on, and has asked her fellow bloggers to donate handmade items to the Greek Animal Welfare Society's Christmas Bazaar this year.
I forgot to take a photo of my items before sending them off, so I'll just use the shop photos ;)
I sent off some Holiday cards (in English, though, not Swedish!):

And some from my regular stock, though I can't quite remember exactly which ones ... I was in a bit of a hurry to catch the bus ...
So, basically, if you've got little bits and bobs lying around, why not donate to a shelter - it'll only cost you the postage!

Here's one of mine, looking for her forever home; we were almost certain she'd found one last week but the lady thought two months was too old:


  1. Oh Nancy, the moment I saw the title of your post in my sidebar's blogroll, my heart had a leap! I'm SO very happy, Nancy!!!! THANK YOU so much for your precious help, it's deeply appreciated!!!!!!!!!

    And I do hope that this precious baby will find her forever home very soon!!!! Oh my God, they ALL deserve loving homes!!!!!!

    Lots of love!
    Anna & Zoe

    1. :))))) ... and thank you so much for spreading the word on FB and twitter!!!!!!

      The photo with my Zoe as a kitten was Zoe's first photo!!! I took it one of the first days after meeting her at the old Turkish Cemetery in Rhodes!
      Zoe's happy story has been featured today on 'Planitis gia Olous'!

  2. Thank you very much for your post and very nice offer!!!! We deeply appreciate it! Annuk is a very good friend for us! Thanks a lot!!!

    1. It's only a very small contribution but I hope it helps :)