A sunny morning on the white coast

Took the entire morning off and went down to the beach instead!
This early in the morning, I had the beach to myself so I just sat there for a while, listening to the waves, wondering if there'd be surfers out today ...
But nothing but sand isn't that fun to look at, so I turned right, onto the rocky part of the beach:
Oh, look, a surfer! ... kind of blurry, thanks to bad zooming, but he is there. Along with about 8 or 10 otheres, with a professional camera tag-along so maybe there was something going on. The waves weren't optimal though so I wonder if they got any good pictures (as if I'd know what an optimal wave is...):

well, after having admired the sea for a while, I went home for a second breakfast:
and playtime with Pierre Philippe:

All in all, a lovely autumn morning by the sea :)


  1. Beautiful photos!!! And your second breakfast and playtime with Pierre Philippe sound lovely too! :)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Nancy! :)

  2. Autumn morning?! Looks like a summer morning to me ;D

  3. Nancy, There is a ring underwater???? or seems to me???????????