So, I believe I mentioned that I wasn't happy with how the Sketchbook Project was coming along ... well, I'm now trying to change that by covering the old stuff up! This first image is an acrylic wash on top of a page  from a magazine. So far I'm just keeping this as a backup but it will most likely end up glued onto an old, failed drawing.
The drawing below is a manual cover-up - one that I've re-done a few times already and right now it's just a hotchpotch of things that don't go together. 

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  1. Nancy, I'm just beginning to see the blogs of my friends because I've been in the wedding of one of my daughters and I was away from home for a few days.
    Well, the failures drawings are those that encourage creativity, do not you think so?
    because you start again, and you realize the mistakes. we all have horrible pictures, we do not want, even see.
    Many times, who plays against us, is anxiety
    anxiety, do not let us take the appropriate time, so that the expression is not mechanical!
    Tú solamente trabaja más y más, ese es el secreto!!!!
    Beso, abrazo, y buen fin de semana para tí!!! :)