It's raining now but ...

... it was sunny this morning, and what's better than falling asleep in the sun on a nippy winter day, or even sunning your face in the window:

Nero wasn't expecting to wake up with a camera in his face ..:

Another good way of spending a morning, is to keep others from working by sleeping on their sketchpad:

But luckily, I have more than one sketchpad ;) besides, I have other things to do this week:
Christmas decorations for the arts and crafts fair in Rojales this Sunday, December 2nd! It doesn't look like much now but I'll be back with more photos in a day or two ;)


  1. They are all adorable!!!!!! Awwww kitties KNOW how to make the best out of any weather and climate, don't they? ;)
    Good luck with the Christmas fair!!! I'm off to check it out! :)

    1. oh to snooze away the day in the window sunlight ...

  2. Replies
    1. no other way to describe them! ... unless you wanna use 'sweet', 'cute', 'amazing', 'gorgeous' ... ;)

  3. Hola Nancy, yo he estado entre bodas y tormentas, Ja Ja, y recién ahora estoy viendo un poco a mis amigos. Tengo ganas de dibujar algo para mi blog, pero mi trabajo todavía sigue un poco retrasado.

    1. si, estamos todos esperando ... :) espero que unos de estos dias, tu trabajo te deja en paz un poco, un poquitín, no más, solo para darte un respiro - aunque con el viento que cortó el arbol, quizás no necesitas más aire por ahora?;)