once, twice, thrice!

 Being a genealogist with a background in archaeology and a keen interest in etymology, I like being able to trace the origin of things; would you like to know the history of this painting? 
... I'll tell you anyway.
Some of you may already have recognised the theme and you're right, of course - I've done this one before!
This one below, a watercolour, is obviously based on the same idea.
But actually, we have to go even further back in time to find the original sketch and the prompt that sparked the series in the first place! The very first one was born almost exactly a year ago, for IF, to illustrate  the word "ferocious"!
I can't pick a favourite - even with a common original idea, they've  all got their own personality and history!


  1. I love all three of them... as you said, each one has its unique persnality!
    Have a lovely Sunday, Nancy! :)
    Kisses from Zoe and me!

  2. I think I love the first from the top but I know that it was essential to have all three...this has been a favorite of mine...xx