spoils of the sea

The sea was in a slight turmoil yesterday, engulfing the beach - even the little foot showers were bathed:
leaving hundreds and hundreds of these poor little purple jellyfish stranded:

Next morning, as I'm walking through the dunes, I notice the dew on these tiny plants growing in the sand.
It's a little odd how, due to the intense drought in summer, our winters are actually green and in bloom.
But today the sea was calm, only a few bits and pieces left over from yesterday's drama.

And when I got back home, I managed to capture Lily, sitting so prettily in the window:

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  1. I love your images of the sea and beaches, Nancy!
    It's odd to see plants growing out of the sand... and I felt sorry for the poor jellyfish too. Lily is so pretty, and Zoe is sending a loud purr and saying "Geia sou Lily"... errr I mean, "Hola Lily!"! :) Is she a calico too? I see a little red patch on her sweet little face!