The sketchbook project 2013

Well, I know I said I'd be filling the sketchbook with a story but ... I didn't really like how things turned out, so I've decideed to leave the story for the blog and make up my own sketchbook category. Officially, I'll use the "sketchbook" theme; unoficially, I'll keep to "shadows".
I'll be keeping a couple of the old drawings (that fit with the shadows theme), but for others, I'm painting them over with new stuff like this one, of Bello by the blinds. Graphite pencils.

Most days these days start with rain, but sometime around lunchtime, the sun usually comes out to play. And Bella finds herself a place to warm up:


  1. Great drawing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ese gato se está moviendo realmente!!!
    Nancy: You are a Great Artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The drawing with Bello is wonderful, and Bella's photo is a dream!!!!