a one-woman Spanish blog carnival.

Do you remember how I , once upon a time (earlier this year), invited the world to a blog carnival? Well, the invitations must've got lost in the post because I didn't get any entries ... so, I've decided to make my own! :) Only, I shan't limit myself to just one post, instead I'll give you little bits and pieces whenever I feel like it, you don't mind, do you? :)

First installation will be from Guardamar del Segura, the southern most town where Valencian (which to me sounds not too dissimilar to Catalán, but Valencian is a recognised language in its own right so maybe I shouldn't dig too deeply into this discussion ...) is spoken - you can see it on the sign above!
But for today, it's the sign below you should focus on - the one that says 'motocross', because that's where I went a few weeks back - to see the regional finals!
So, following the sign, and the crowd, through a beautiful landscape, we entered the La Pipa circuit ...
I know nothing about motocross, but the first thing I learned through the speaker, was that Guardamar has its own prodigy, so successful that they kept calling him the Messi of motocross - apparently he's only 8 years old and has already been competing for 4! I  missed to check his number but there was one of the tiny ones that was clearly ahead of the rest, so maybe that was him.

I walked around the track to try and get a good angle with my camera ... but when I found I could see the eyes of the drivers, I felt I got a little too close! lol, the camera can be a dangeroud thing ...
But what I really enjoyed about this outing, apart from the smell of motor oil, was that the sport seems to be quite popular and gathered a large audience of all ages - a proper family outing!

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  1. Hey Nancy! Me gustan las carreras de motocross!!! Yes, camera may be dangerous!!! take care the next time! :)
    Do you know something, the landscape is very similar to where i live, in fact, I live in Córdoba Province, and you know, the Spanish founded this city in 1573, and is named so for Córdoba in Spain. OK enough of History, jaja!!!! Aquí también hay carreras de motocross, porque es zona montañosa.
    Gracias por tu comentario, Sí, realmente, un poco de Yayoi Kusama en mi header, I'm finding a lot of good Japanese artists, and I'm trying to apply some of that art in my drawings, it shows?