Are the bad times making me nostalgic?

So I found this old photo of one of the ginger bread houses I used to make back in the old country, and I started to wonder why I don't do this anymore ... (although I know the reasons are that this new kitchen is too small to work comfortably, the oven is of a make that I can't quite get the hang of, I haven't figured out exactly how the ingredients are different down here and how to rectify my recipes, and then there's the humid weather that makes everything a gamble!)
But, inspired by this nostalgic photo, I decided to make something for this year, and here's the start of it (it'll make more sense once it's finished!;):


  1. Hehehe Nancy, Christmas time makes many people nostalgic... me too! :)
    Enjoy your experiment!!! I'm looking forward to the finished house! :)
    The only ginger bread house I ever had was a ready one from the Ikea food shop... you just had to assemble the parts ;) As to the German ginger bread Christmas sweets, finding the ingredients here is difficult too, so we resort to Lidl's ready mades LOL!

    Here are some more pics from the Athens Bazaar! YAY, it was a huge success!!!!! I'm sure your sweet cards sold in a minute!

    Have a wonderful weekend as well, dear Nancy! :)

    1. it's the dark, I expect ;) Oh, I know all about Lidl and Aldi - I'm there ALL the time! :D
      I'm so glad that all went well with the bazaar, I hope they managed to get some new sponsors as well!