Arte Solidario, Torrevieja

There was a small exhibition at the cultural centre Virgen del Carmen, Torrevieja, yesterday, with the aim of raising awareness and showing solidarity with those among us who are having a little less than we should right now. According to this article, Valencia, the capital of this region, comes second (beaten only by Madrid) in number of demonstrations (an average of 4.7 per day) against cuts (from the bottom foundation of society rather than from the creamy top  - you know the story) and a truly criminal (morally if not actually against the law) mortgage system where the bank can (and do) take the house and still expect you to pay back the loan, no excuses allowed, even if it means you're out on the street, children and grandparents alike. There have been suicides.
Anyway, there's a newly opened (since last year, I think) soup kitchen (Alimentos Solidarios), and this fall in particular, there's been a drive to collect a little extra for the Cristmas holidays. Last night, it was the turn of the art schools; we had a joint exhibition and each student was asked to bring a small bag of groceries to be distributed later on.
The children's classes put up a colourful show!
... But there was a lot of black worn - as befitting an art exhibition ;)
My contribution was this little sketch of typical Mediterranean architecture (sorry about the quality of the photo - it's hard to use an average compact in the quick gaps that the crowd gives you!):

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