Casa Gingerbread

Well, making a traditional, snow covered cottage style house would've felt not quite right down here by the beach ... so I made a Spanish holiday home instead! :D It has traditional decorated, barred windows, those beaded door curtains, and tiled walls.
The house is supposed to be white, but then I'd have to use chocolate to draw the decorations and I didn't have any at home. Nor could I find any vegan candies (which could've looked really cool for the tiles!), but I used orange peel for the orange tree:
A fig tree (or olive) is a must!
And a long-eared cat:
And, of course, a clothesline - a load of washing dries in no time at all - even on a cloudy day:
Oh! I almost forgot the sun roof!


  1. It's GORGEOUS, Nancy!!!!! The drawings with the white icing are so cute!!! It's too beautiful to be eaten! ;D And you photographed it in such a beautiful light! I'd love to photograph my jewelry in your patio! :)
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. well, I doubt it would taste any good - I mentioned the weather before, things go soft and mouldy tasting very quickly ;) I'm glad you noticed the patio - I'm always amazed at the brilliant light you manage to get just from your northern Italy balkony - it could've been on your Greek islands! :)

  2. Congratulations, Nancy!!!!!!!! this is great, I love the detail of the cat! :)))
    yo quisiera probar esto debe ser muy rico!!!!

    OK: Neither do we have snow, tú sabes, summer began yesterday, for us, our Christmas are hot, cold drinks, grilled meat, many vegetables, and ice cream for dessert. and a long sobremesa (yo no sé cómo se escribe esto en inglés) watching the starry sky and fireworks

    well, I wish you much happiness and great love
    This year has been a good year for me, I could meet people like you, so creative that you can not stop coming to see each of the things you show us, and stay with a heart full of joy
    A big kiss and a hug from here to Spain!

    1. dudo que se pueda comer ... pero el aroma es magnifico! lol

      sobremesa ... I googled it and it seems like it's something like the time spent at the table, even after the meal is over?
      Suena maravilloso, eso de mirar las estrellas - si tus navidades son así, entiendo tu lenguage y arte tan poetica! Hace muchisimos años, pasé una navidad en Buenos Aires - el sol me quemó hasta el cuero cabelludo ... ;)
      Thanks you for your inspiring comments on my blog, but most of all, thank you for your amazing art that goes straight to the soul, and tickles the heart a little on the way, and your topless ladies are lovely! :D

  3. Feliz Año Nuevo Nancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!