Illustration Friday: 'Snow'; ゆき yuki

You know, back when I used to spend my entire winters in Sweden, I would love hanging out those little net balls filled with nuts and seeds for these little winter birds; they're like fireworks on a sunny, white winter morning, and brighten up those sullen, grey days when the snow has turned into muddy slush.

I'm going to leave you with something that's become a local tradition around here: the nordic Christmas tree in Plaza de la Constitución in Torrevieja.
Transported from Swedish forests, all the way down to Costa Blanca, Spain, the tree is a gift from the local nordic community for "the warmth and frienship shown to them by the town of Torrevieja throughout the years".


  1. What a lovely little bird and tree...feliz navidad : )

  2. The bird painting is wonderful, Nancy! The birdie looks alive!!!
    I know those net balls for birdies from Germany!!! I've seen them in a pet shop here too, they are imported from Holland or Belgium, I'm not sure now.
    Hehehe I guess there are quite a few Nordic residents there... :) and the tree looks kind of unreal among the palm trees... but really beautiful! :) The square reminds me of Greek squares too... could be somewhere on Rhodes :)

    1. I know, the mix of (semi) hot weather and a nordic christmas tree does look a little off! lol
      I expect Spanish churches(squares have a lot in common with Greek ;)