searching out the winter sun

Playful Bello!

Emil, working seriously on his tan:
Atena, practically posing for a portrait!
And Ulrika, part of the latest batch of spayed kitties (Ulrika is sister to Felicia). There are two others hiding somewhere - they'll come out (along with my camera!) once they smell breakfast tomorrow morning!


  1. My goodness, you have the entire cast at your home...so lucky xx

  2. Great photos of your furry babies, Nancy! They are all adorable!!! And I love all their names!
    I'm so glad to hear more kitties were spayed!
    Zoe is sending lots of nose kisses and purrs!!! :)

    PS: LOL, I loved your comment about the "interesting inhabitants" in my streets! ;D
    I wonder where that plate came from, since the sidewalk is alongside a park!

  3. Hehehehe! Here the cats make the same: disapear when I put my camera in your face!!! =)