What I wore today: braids!

Again, my hair's growing out and I'm opting for braids in every shape and form I can think of!

You know, I've always wanted to have my own folk costume but Stockholm, being a city, doesn't have that tradition .... until, a few years ago, the Swedish tourism bureau annunced a competition to find a new kind of costume, more suited to today's world. And my hands down favourite was this, thoroughly modern, black one:

Disegner: Hanna Johansson Frostell
 It reminds me a little of a goth lolita... but that's ok. ;)
So, maybe I shouldn't bother about being traditional, and just go and make my own?

... I also wish I had hair like hers ... but that's another story.


  1. What a sweet drawing... and you sure look cute with braids! :)

    I thought you might like to see this :)

    1. uh-oh... I'm planning on cutting it again...;) but the braids will be back, sooner or later - they usually do! :o

  2. Love your illustration, effective use of colour against the background. Happy holidays to you.