bits and bobs turn into ...

... into something that will be revealed soon - at the arts and crafts fair on Sunday, to be precise! :)
Just wanted to give you a little sneak peek on what's been keeping me busy (and away from the blog) lately. Hope everybody had a wonderful, delicious, warm winter holiday - and to everyone that entered (or are still about to enter) the giveaway, I wish you all great luck in the draw on Friday! :)


  1. The sneak peek is VERY promising, Nancy!!! I LOVE those bright, sunny, cheerful colors! :D

  2. Qué sorteo!??????????????????? me lo perdí!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:O

    OK. esto que muestras me gusta mucho!! muy luminoso!!!!!!!!!!!! Alegre!!!!!!!!!!
    Muy bello!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So colorful and lovely! Can't wait to see them done.