pics from a Sunday morning

In chronological order: notice the light streaks going from left to right in the photo? That's the sand running to get into your eyes - it's been a little windy today!

Next is Emil, out for a walk, and a roll in the sand:
and always on the lookout for an adventure:
 and here with Jimmy, who, as far as I know, is homeless. He's ever so affectionate and follows us around wherever we go!
And then there was Bello, and his pillow Simba:
Well, folks, my weekend's over; I hope yours was as lovely or more - see you next week! :)


  1. Well, the beach photo is fabulous -- BUT OMG the KITTIES!!!!! It's great to see Emil having his beach walk with you... And he even has a friend! Jimmy is such a sweet boy... oh if only they could all have a loving home, they all deserve it!!!
    Bello seems to really enjoy having a soft, warm "pillow"! ;D

  2. Oh how delightful...you live on the cat island : )
    I once took one of my cats to the beach, though he would have a great time...the sound the waves and the birds really freaked him out... I wish I were there xx

  3. Wonderful photos! I tried to put cats on a leash but they tried to murder me.

  4. How wonderful that you can take your cat to the beach! I don't understand the footprints. It seems as if they are higher than the sand, like foot mountains.

  5. You really are a cat freak!!! Wonderful photos, do you live close to the beach? Your sand is gorgeous!