... running to catch up with the world!

.... well, with the world of the internet, anyway. ;)
So, what have I been up to, then? Well, there's been painting:

Both available in the shop, as originals, as well as prints.

there's been going to the art fair - remember those "bits and bobs" I posted about once upon a time? Well, they turned into garden plant decorations!
a funny little thing found a the fair:
And finally, I've been admiring the cats!
Bello, being fat:
Simba hogging all the clementines:
Bella, getting some winter sun:
And Pierre, beeing asleep and sweet, rather than awake and a pain .. ;)


  1. I loved catching up with what you've been up to, Nancy! :) You've been very creative, I see! :)
    I love the way you photographed your paintings in that amazing light! The garden decorations are lovely and so cheerful! Oh, and of course I LOVED seeing the kitties!!! Pierre looks like a double of my mom's Tommi! ;)

  2. Hi Nancy. First: thanks for stopping by, I really enjoyed seeing your name on my blog and reading your comments after a long time!!! :))
    Well, I really like these nudes, you painted.
    You are excellent drawing and excellent painting
    Eh ... Qué hace ese perro ahí?????????
    Nunca pensé que tú podrías tener un perro!!!!! :))))))))))))
    Bello, (being fat), es el gato que más me gusta.
    Eh.... extraño ver tus uñas azules!!!!! :))))

  3. Oh, you are all up to wonderful things...art and sun and cats...could it be more perfect? xx