What I wore yesterday: T on my head and poo on my sole

I was watching the skies, rather than the ground, and walked into a mess ...
Other than that, I wore head to toe yellow and blue, an old cut-up t-shirt for a hairband, and grown out bangs!


  1. Hahaha that sounds like me... watching the sky rather than the ground... (is that an artist's thingy? :D)
    Lovely drawing, Nancy!!! Thank you for your sweet comment... YES, that's THE One holding my hand! ;) ♥

  2. ¡Será por el azul del cielo y el amarillo del sol? :)))
    Seguramente que todos los colores te quedan bien!!!
    me hiciste reir con tu comentario, ja ja. cuando tomo demasiado dibujo mejor, jaja!!!
    Buen fin de semana Nancy G.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have done that too..the skies are so interesting...enjoy your weekend x

  4. I hate it when that happens... But still, looking at the sky is so much more uplifting than watching where you walk... And at least you made a beautiful drawing out of it!