7 things about me challenge, no 2

When I watch Glee, I usually skip the drama and go straight for the musical numbers (unless it's Rachel doing a ballad, in which case I skip that, too), because I LOVE the energy of music and of dancing, or, of moving in general; do you ever get that urge to run across a plaza, jump over a wall, feel life in your lungs? Those small, tiny gushes of sprite bubbles in your head have the power to make the day. They makes me feel like an adrenaline junkie (minus the jumping off cliffs, highrises or the moon, part) but that's one habit I'm not about to quit. :)


  1. I feel exactly as you do....to my detriment sometimes because I cannot sit still for too long...wishing you a happy weekend Nancy and the painting is beautiful too xx

  2. That's so cute to know about you, Nancy! You see... we exchange little "secrets" LOL! ;D
    That little painting is gorgeous, and it expresses the idea of movement so beautifully! (love your painted finger nails, btw! Are they still blue?)
    Have a lovely weekend with lots of sunshine in your heart! XO

    1. ... soon we may reveal soemthing we shoulnd't have ..;) My nails are more of a bluish green right now!

  3. I also love the musical numbers on Glee. Their voices are wonderful too. It is fun to dance, isn't it?

  4. and nobody can see my embarrassing moves in front of the telly! ;)