Seven things about me, no. 4

Number 4: I'm very sensitive around the head area. This means I can't wear headbands, scarves or hats for any longer periods of time - sometimes I do, and suffer the consequences.
These are my newest sunshades, which I'm sanding down for more comfort; I wore them for about ten minutes this morning, before the headache set in, so it's obvious my work is not done here.

I'd like to introduce you to some of the new kitties in the park:
Mona Lisa, she's a monster and a bit on the ugly side but, apparently, amazingly photogenic! ;)
And this is Teresia, who, despite the name, is a boy. And it is believed that he is somehow related to Felicia and Ulrika, because they all have a very distinctive look about them, which doesn't quite come through in the photos.
When we found him, he wasn't eating, could barely walk and had no balance. Nobody knows what was actually wrong with him, but with lots of care and attention, he's now doing well enough to get snooty when he doesn't get his favourite treats!
... phew, it's getting warm around here these days, but still airy enough to be enjoyable, so that's what 
I'm off to do now - hope you all have a great middle of the week, too! :)


  1. I share the same thing...sensitive head...especially with glasses, pony tails, head bands, swimming goggles...

    love the introductions

    happy mid week to you xx