Something On A Stick Day! Paper flag tutorial.

As it turns out, it's "something on a stick day" today! I thought it sounded rather cute and decided I 'd do something with it;  I'm assuming it has to do with food, but since food isn't quite my thing, I went and made a short tutorial on how to make a super quick mini paper flag for decorating whatever takes your fancy - I went with garden planters, since I had no cake to stick them into! ... though, I suppose I could've used a loaf of bread.
The really quick part of it, is how you cut the triangles - instead of cutting them out individually, just fold a strip of paper in three (more or less, depending on the size of your paper) and cut all layers at once, that way you get three pieces in one go!


  1. Thank you Nancy...this is fun. Have a great stick day xx

  2. They look very sweet coming out of the grass. Great idea for a garden party.