Holidaying in Spain!

So I was feeling a bit (a lot) stressed, and decided to take a week off and use the beach for once! ;)
Here's what I look like anywhere there's sun:
not a lot of skin showing ;)
I've also, during the week, panic painted for the local spring gallery - on the night before the deadline, I scrapped two other paintings I'd been working on, and made something new, and got it there in time:
acrylic and charcoal on canvas.

Alice got herself a spaying last week. But also an infection, so she went back yesterday for another shot:

There is no longer any dairy free ice cream to be found around these parts, so of course I experienced a seriously horrible ice cream withdrawal depression, found this old photo of a vegan strawberry flavoured icecream enjoyed on the Utö ferry in Stockholm a few summers ago, and sulked:

So I went and got my hair cut again, put in a few curls and amateur-posed for a photo:

And the cats were adorable, as always:
But vacation's over and it's almost time for another giveaway, so that's something to look forward to! :)


  1. Aww poor kitty hope shes feeling better. I have to say I'm a shade lover as well my favourite seasons are spring and autumn when its sunny but not to hot.

  2. I LOVED the peek into your daily (holiday) life! You look cute with that haircut!!! And your kitties are sweet as ever! Sending a special kiss and big hug to poor Alice! Hope she's doing better!!!
    LOL, I don't like being in the sun too much either... I NEVER look like a sunburnt tourist hahaha! Is it the same in Spain too? I see the first tourists here wearing flipflops and tank tops and shorts... while I find it comfortable enough to wear my jeans and a long-sleeved shirt! :D
    Oh that sounds bad with your icecream withdrawal... so sorry to hear the non-dairy variety is nowhere to be found... :(
    Kisses from Rhodes!!!

  3. Nancy!!!!!! sin rodeos, ¡¡¡¡¡Te ves bellísima, mujer!!!!!
    con stress o sin él!!!
    Como dirían los españoles, estás guapísima!!!!
    OK, estos dos gatos también son bellos, y tu cuadro, ni hablar, ya está vendido!!!
    Que tengas una buena semana, playa, sol, vino, pintura y ♥ :)))

  4. Sí, soy yo, olvidé algo, ¿podrías poner esta foto en tu perfil, no?