Illustration Friday: "Wild"; みこん mikon

In Sweden, there is a general recomendation that no-one should live more than 300 m from a green area. There are probably houses that fall outside of those 300 metres, but it's still nice to know that there are people who care enough to think about these things. 
Here's a photo of one of the livingroom windows in my sister's flat; it wasn't meant to show the outside so the angle's a bit off, but you can still see a few beautiful trees in the background:
 And her kitchen window is even better! Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of that, but it is absolutely lovely, the pine trees really get up in your face, and the grassy slopes will probably be covered in spring flowers soon.
When my dad was little, they used to have a squirrel come in through the kitchen window, and eat on the table with the family. I could imagine something like that happening in my sister's kitchen!


  1. Nancy, do not you believe that no one should live in a city?
    I see people living in apartments, one above the other like shoe boxes stacked
    and I think to myself, these people have no life.
    We should all live in contact with nature.
    what you say about the squirrel is wonderful. I tell you that every afternoon (almost night) a fox comes to my house and I feed him, when I open the kitchen door, he's waiting for me sitting on the grass. here recommend not to feed foxes, because they become too "civilized" , but I feel sorry for it.They are already civilized and not because of me, and now when autumn begins, and then in the winter, he has hunger
    A couple of years ago came a fox with two cubs.

    about whether what I drew is toad or frog ... is actually a toad, but I'm so bad drawing than he seems like a frog. :)))
    have a nice sunday, Nancy Gronholm!!!!! :)

  2. Its always nice to be near green spaces. I miss my time when I lived in the country but I don't miss the damp house I lived in :) . Now I live in a town their are parks near by but I have to cross some busy roads to get to them unfortunately. Love you illustration for this weeks Illustration friday word.

  3. Luckily my house surrounded by nature! I love your drawing. Nature with a view on more nature. I think a view is important. Not the house at the other side of the street, but a horizon, air, trees, open spaces.

  4. And I love the sea in your header. I just want to walk on that beach.