Sprucing up an old flowerpot

Yeah, I had an old, dull flowerpot hanging about, looking drab:
So I slapped on some paint:
Now, it's only acrylic, and it's not primed or anything, so it'll probably only last the summer, but that's ok, I'll just do something else when the time comes. :)
And, living in flamingo land, I had to have one too:
I feel like I wanna do all my pots now! But it'll have to be something simpler, quicker - this took me two hours, much to long!


  1. Yo no sé con cual me quedaría, me gustan todos!!!!

  2. It's just simply GORGEOUS, Nancy!!! And all those colors and lovely birds! I see that your kitties do approve too! ;) What would we do without our little furry helpers? ;D