The heart and soul of a city girl?

A drawing made in responce to the comments left on my IF entry! Many of you talked about how they'd rather live in the country than in a city, and I would agree - if the city I was talking about wasn't Stockholm, which is a relatively small place where even the dreariest of areas, really aren't that bad. Not compared to the slums of some of the really huge cities of the world. The thing I like about cities, is the pulse of it; I'm not talking about club hopping and 24h shopping, but of the glimpses into people's everyday lives through the conversations they have on the tube, the street fashion, the banners announcing cultural events, clever ads on the train platform, poetry on the floor, people heading for work, kindergarten groups filling up at least half the bus, pigeons flocking on the hat of an old, almost forgotten king and smearing the lens of a passing tourist. That's the energy I miss; the energy that stirs the imagination and has your mind coming up with a thousand and one ideas, every day. That's one of the reasons I go to cities whenever I travel, not to a beach resort. However, if that city has a beach, well, then thats another story. ;)
The thing is, though, that I often feel as though I'm actually living off this energy as if I were a parasite sucking it up through a straw. Sounds kinda gross, but probably very true! lol


  1. You mentioned very good reasons for liking the city and I am sure some cities are adorable...also if everyone moved from the city to the little town outside the city, then that little town would become the city...this is just how it is. I love you slurping that city. : )

  2. Ah, pero Nancy, seguramente que yo,(que prefiero vivir en la montaña, lejos de una ciudad) también gusto de esas cosas que tú dices aquí... pero después de ir a la ciudad y "cargarme" de todo eso, información cultural, buena música en conciertos, vidrieras interesantes, un poco de actualidad, quiero volver a la montaña, a la tranquilidad, sin ruidos, y lejos de la gente en demasiada cantidad. :)
    Buen fin de semana!!!!!

  3. When I first moved to a big city (Vancouver,BC) I hated it, but through the first year I learned to love it. One reason was the energy of the people, as you said, but also because there was so much to see and Vancouver has so many beautiful parks and the ocean. However, I like the outdoors for vacations.

  4. Hi, Nancy, Dónde estás???
    Tostándo tu cuerpo con el sol de primavera???
    Todo OK?
    buen fin de semana para tí!!!!