7 things about me, nr 5

Every country has its image of itself, some selected moments that seems to sum up what it is to be, in this case, Swedish: above is a detail of an oil painting I did last year, a summer memory of a bathing picknick in the Stockholm archipelago - if you live in Stockholm, it's a given that you should long to take your boat or a ferry out at least once every summer. Of course not everybody does but we like to think we do ;)

However ... even though I feel Swedish through and through, technically speaking I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I lived there till I was about three or four. 
The times weren't great though, a lot of political instability and my father was offered jobs in both Sweden and Australia should we decide to leave. Being Swedish and having not visited in rather a long time, he thought it might be time to go back. Otherwise I could've called myself an Aussie - sounds awfully exotic to me! :D And I'm sure I would've been a different person had we gone there, or even if we'd stayed in Argentina. Maybe I'd have taken up sports like field hockey or surfing?
I've no real memory of those first years but there are photos, like this one with a some cute neighbourhood kids:
 I decided on this little tidbit about me because Roberto noticed that I wrote in "Argentinian" rather than "Spanish" Spanish (and I forgot to answer him in the comments section)! I learned the language here in Spain but I have Argentinian friends (and not many Spanish, mainly because most people around here are from anywhere but Spain) and my parents still have that Buenos Aires accent (well, my Mum not so much but the Spanish can still tell that she's not from around here or, if she is, then from the Canaries which has a lot more neutral dialect with no Spanish lisp or that "s" that sounds almost like a "sch") but although I may write like I'm from the old colonies, I actually speak a rather poor school Spanish with a Swedish accent. It works, but it's not pretty. ;)


  1. Loved to read about your Argentinian years and childhood background! It sounds so exciting! In a way, you're a "mix" like me too! :D Oh, and I loved that picture of little blonde Nancy with the Argentinian kids!

    Ya me parecía a mí que algo había en esa manera de escribir... ese "vos" y esas conjugaciones como "sos" o "tenés" son muy argentinas, oh!!! Qué sorpresa Nancy!!!!
    no puedo decir más que si alguna vez decidís (otra "mala conjugación") volver por aquí, estás invitada a mi casa, y comeremos un "asado" muy argentino, que seguramente no recordarás cómo es, para festejar el encuentro!!!!!!!!!!
    Nancyyyyyyy, cada vez te quiero más!!! :)))
    Gracias por la respuesta!!!
    lindísima la foto de cuando eras chica, era en Buenos aires o en un barrio?

  3. Nancy, cuando tengas un rato libre pasa por mi blog, please!!! :)

  4. Interesting to hear about your background. Love the photo and especially the painting.

  5. Nancy te haré un asado de vegetales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))
    Sabes que Libertad no queda lejos de donde yo vía hasta hace unos 9 años?? ahora me vine a las sierras, valles y montañas, en el centro del país a unos 800 kilómetros de ahí.

  6. Sabes que uno de los clubs de futbol más importantes de mi país es Boca Juniors, que tiene los colores de la bandera de Suecia. si no sabes la historia de por qué tiene esos colores, dime y te la cuento.