gosh, has it been a month already!

I was going to do a megapost to recap but ... that might take too long and I'll end up not posting anything ;)
Anyway, I just got back from the art fair (Merca-de-Arte) in Orihuela, which turned out alright:
I added a new section to the table:
They came about when I decided to make something extra for a client who'd just bought my Fox print - I usually send a card or two with an order but I didn't have one of the fox, so I made a brooch instead! 
And while I was at it, I made myself a self portrait, and one of my sister ;)

Here's something funny I found at the stall next to mine;
a pretty little thing, with a hand crocheted dress:
But if you lift up her skirt (which, of course, you must ;), you see that there's more to her than surface ... if fact, she doubles as a toilet paper holder!

There was a bit too much sun for my liking (I think I may even have burned a little!) but all in all a nice day, with lovely new people to look up on Facebook (found out there's a newly opened animal shelter in Orihuela) and a few sold paintings. Yup, definitely OK. :)

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  1. I'm glad I browswd back and found out you had posted THREE new posts! :) I had missed your lovely, colorful posts, and I'm glad to see you've had a lovely and busy month, and a beautiful art fair! I love your stall! Glad to hear you did well :) The brooches are gorgeous with your drawings and the lovely, natural look of the wood.
    Have a great May!