Illustration Friday: "Liquid"; えき eki

The image speaks for itself, I think ;)
But I can tell you  some background on how the illo came to be! The thing is, I'm currently working on a picture book about a cat and some people living by the sea, and this is one of the drawings I'm playing around with.

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And for those of you that prefer cats over fish, here's Yra:
She's getting on in years and doesn't move around as quickly as she'd like, but she still enjoys a nice stroll in the garden.


  1. I love that drawing...cannot wait to see the book, my cat boys want to read it...your kitty is adorable...and I will check out the giveaway and the shop...enjoy the weekend xx

  2. Love the drawing for your book. Makes me want to go swimming with those cute fish and I like the little house at the top of the hill where the characters will live. Yra is a sweetie.