Drawing moving pictures

Someone actually gave me a light table yesterday! So, this morning I started playing around with it and, after 20 drawings, I managed to produce 3 seconds of film. 3 seconds is quite short, so I slowed down the sequence slightly to show the movement a bit more;)

This was only meant to be a test but I actually like the result and am going to add colour and sound, even if it is only 3 seconds! This might take a little more time, though.


  1. Oh my, I love the way she slowly turns and her hair moves! Wonderful.

  2. What fun!--and I agree with Belle about cool it is how her hair moves.

    Light tables are useful for a number of things....

  3. Nancy. You are the perfect woman! Everything you do well!
    I admire you, really, and this is not a compliment. is a truth.
    ah ha ha. You knew the history of Boca colors, (I'm a fan of the club that is the main rival, River Plate, and their colors are red and white.
    OK. I want to see more of this animation!! :)))))))
    Gracias por tu amable comentario!!! ¿cambiaste la foto de tu perfil? (me gusta más esta ;)