En un lugar de la luz / In a place of light

I've been wanting to show you some photos from the group exhibition a couple of weeks ago ... those two, dark green ones, in the corner, are mine!

The exhibition turned into a massive success! It didn't hurt that we had live music (just look at that sweet boy with the cello!):
See, that 's me there with a (mostly pink!) splatterpainted tee, so fresh it dried on the bus ride over!

And ... hello! What's that but my painting of the official poster! :D
BTW, have you noticed that I'm changing my profile pic every day? If you hadn't but would like to re-cap, you can always stop by my so not ready portfolio! It'll change a lot before I'm happy enough with it but there is some content there already for you to check out! :)


  1. Felicitaciones Nancy G.!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cuánta gente linda! congratulations por el success!!!
    no entiendo por qué brillan tanto las pinturas, parece como si tuvieran un vidrio encima?
    JaJa, yo supongo que si viajas con remeras recién pintadas más seguido. la empresa de buses deberá pagarte por decorar sus asientos, probablemente si el estampado está fresco se imprimirá en el respaldo de los asientos!!!!! :)
    ps: hay algunas fotos de tu perfil que yo no había visto aún!
    tú con cabeza de gato estás genial!!!!
    Quiero ver mássssssssss!!!!!!! :)

  2. Gorgeous colors!!!! Congratulations, Nancy! And you look lovely in that outfit!
    Yes, I did notice your changing prophile photo, cute idea :) Off to check your portfolio! :)

  3. I love your website, Nancy! I made mine with Wix too, now working at my online catalog (doing it with Wix too)... We seem to love the same colors, I chose a very similar color for my background too :D

  4. muy bueno 27 de julio, parece como alguien que está rezando a un santo en la iglesia :)