Illustration Friday: "Equality"; どうとう Dōtō

"Yes, but there are more of you."

When I was little, one of my favourite children's programs was one called "Five ants are more than 4 elefants" (which in Swedish ("Fem myror är fler än 4 elefanter") is a different kind of clever because we use different words for quantity in number and quantity in mass). It was all about teaching kids how to think relatively. In this, unsubbed, video, they take on the concept of "forwards" and "backwards":
(Magnus struttande är verkligen underbart, tycker ni inte?:)


  1. Hallà! ;)
    I think your expressive power is so broad!
    you can draw something architectural. a human body. something abstract, a cat, you can paint a picture!
    and you can draw on a humorous way, and for children's magazine!
    Nancy, I really admire your art, (or whatever you want to call it)
    I liked the video, and although not understand the language, I realized what I want to express.
    good weekend! :)

    1. Thank you, Roberto! Great praise some someone who is such a master at expressing the human mind and soul and the world in between! :)

  2. So first, thank you so much for sharing the video! I had to go share it with others already (and linked back here, too). Even without understanding the language, it was so entertaining! I found it very unusual how close the men stood to one another, even when just talking. I'm sure knowing the words would have helped. :)

    Your illustration is charming! I love the style.