Mornings on the beach

There are weeks when you're so busy, you forget you actually live right by the beach. So today, I took a few hours off and had me an early morning siesta under the parasol, eating Swedish candy (only accidentally vegan, but that's good enough for me!;) and leafing through Architectural Digest, looking for interesting artwork on the walls.

Bobbie's enjoying the sun, too! Spring has been unusually cool this year and it's still safe to sit in the sun without burning to a crisp:


  1. Nancy, créelo, el gato y el ratón solamente ven a la luna desnuda sobre la cama!
    Hey, yo tengo Paypal y tengo una cuenta en Etsy!!! :)
    lo intentaré de nuevo.!!!!!!!!!

  2. OK Nancy, ya compré!!!!
    Envíame la tarjeta autografiada por favor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bobbie looks like the Sphinx in the second photo! What a blessing to live near the beach - it looks lovely there.

  4. Enjoy the sunshine, you lovely girls and boys!!!! :D

    Nancy, I'm sure you do have oleanders in Spain too! They are everywhere in Greece (they even grow wild on the islands) and the Med in general. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nerium

  5. Nice photos, but I especially like your illustration for "children". We all need an occasional day in the sunshine!