oh my sweet sweet darlings ...

I bring you just some cats that unfortunately have no-one to take care of them. First off is Victor!

Victor really likes to play - he even prefers it over food!

Then there's Choco:
Choco looked a little down this morning, hopefully it's temporary.
And Caesar, who's brother to Alice:
Caesar gets depressed easily so he needs a lot of extra attention.

Peloosa and GuLing:
P's shy but if in the mood, she lets you pet her. G's has such a sad face when he's waiting for food, but then he suddenly wants to play and you could swear he just turned into another cat altogether!

One of three new kittens - this time at least with their mother. But they were all kicked out from somewhere and the mother's not liking this new place.

And Linus. The sweetest cat ever. Seriously, he's such a darling he should be warming someone's lap instead of running around here on his own:

... ummm, I'm not sure about these two ...

And then there's Jimmy. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, wherever I turn, there's Jimmy!

1 comment:

  1. Gatos y gatos y gatos!!!!!
    ja ja, creo que me gusta Victor, y el chiquitito gris que guiña un ojo, (creo q no tiene nombre aún)
    Oh, Nancy, y tu ojo...casi de gato (mejor dicho de gata)

    Buen findesemana!!!!!