Reusable, sturdy pricetags!

So, I've got lots of little pieces of wood lazing about, doing nothing, but then, yesterday, an idea struck me! See, I've been fiddling about with paper price tags for the art fairs and always been annoyed that I'd have to do them all over again each time. Particularly when there's a wind (and there always is!), and I pin them down with double sided tape, the tape is impossible to remove afterwards, so I end up throwing the whole thing away.
However, I think I may have found a way to get around all of that - by using wooden cubes that are both (fairly) sturdy against the wind, and can be reused again and again!
What I did was this:
Since I didn't have any cube-shaped planks, I cut one in two and glued them together lenghtwise.
Then I sawed them into little blocks, but with one side slightly slanted, so as to give a nice angle for the visitors to my table:
Then, I made my own chalkboard paint. I know that all the recipes online use sand-free grout (which going by the pictures, is some kind of powder), but I didn't have any of that at home. What I did have was this all-round repair-kit that I think is something similar, except it comes as a paste. It is also a bit gritty but that's ok, mixed up with regular acrylic paint, it worked just fine:
What I will do, however, if this works out as planned (and I won't be able to find out properly till August), is to sand down the wood a bit to give a smoother surface. But so far, so good. I think I may even do some more, just in case! :)


  1. Nancy! you are so creative I admire you!!!!!!!!!!
    and also I have good news :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) I'll send you an email :))))

  2. Nancy!!! fui al link para ver las fotos de tu perfil que me perdí en los dias que no vine pero me parece que no están todas, no?
    ok. Tu letra es perfecta y bella, no seas modesta :)))
    buen fin de semanaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! :))))