things from days gone by

I've been ignoring the blog lately ... I've been doing other stuff instead! Like cooking and baking, painting my nails and finding boxes for the furries:

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  1. Esa comida me está matando, tengo hambre!!!! :)
    me gustan las uñas gato, muy creativas, no hay duda de que el arte está en tu cuerpo!!

    Nancy! do you want to hear the conversation between summer and winter? (the girl and the old whor ...) ha ha. probably the winter, give to the girl-summer bad advice.

    I know what you're talking about when you say "come back in a month" (specifically, annoying tourist, right?
    anyway, here where I live, also tourists come in winter. (ellos son un mal necesario, siempre dejan algún dinero :)))
    I want to tell you that I did not cut the tail of the lizard, do you know that they cut his tail at will? when they are in danger, they cut his tail, which is moving to distract attention while they are hiding.
    (I use it with the idea that something has already happened. (it is a crazy idea in my head)
    buena semana Nancy G.!!!!!
    Ah, muy buena foto de perfil, hoy. el contraste entre tu cabello y el gato negro es muy impactante!!