a Swedish summer in the city, bicycles and ... ABBA.

So, this is the reason I've not been around much lately - I'm back home in Sweden! With my sister (above, to the left) at a somewhat disappointing exhibition. Hence the lack of excitement in our faces. ;)
I'll be rather busy preparing for our own exhibition (not till October but lots to do!) so although I will be posting a little something every day from now on, my own surfing will have to wait for a bit - I'll catch up with you all in a couple of weeks! :)

The week so far, some street art:

Ducks and French theater in the park:

Large globes in the trees, wonder what that's about ..:

A touristy shot from Djurgårdsbron:

Fika at Blå Porten:

Window shopping:

My little sister:

Went cycling and found this strange little patch of planted flowers, looking creepily weird in the middle of a wild field ...

Looked closer ..:
... and noticed the sign that said "This is the beginning of an urban farming started by the (political) Center Party in Brännkyrka".  A little bit away, there was a slightly larger plot. More of the same, or an opposing party? We didn't stop to find out! ;)

Considered trying the fairly new bike park in Älvsjö:

 but we were running late and opted for one of the much smaller stands closer to our appointment.

Another fika, at Skogskyrkogården (where Greta Garbo is buried):

And then there was the ABBA museum
We didn't enter the actual museum but stayed outside playing with the cutouts:

I was already laughing so hard at my sister striking a pose (the camera was shaking!) that I was already half way lost by the time it was my turn!
I managed to hold it in fairly well for Agneta (biting my lip), but when I got to Björn, I nearly fell off the stand!

... well, that wasn't embarrassing. lol


  1. Ha ha...looks like fun times. I love your photos especially the bath tub! Nothing like playing with sisters. Enjoy your visit. I also loved the picture where you showed your dismay at the art exhibit...quite funny : )

    1. Glad to see you are having a great time in Sweden! Enjoy your girlie time with your sis! :)

  2. I knew that you were not because I read in your Etsy shop, but I thought you'd be swimming in the Mediterranean!
    you and your sister have the same hair color than ABBA girls!!
    what a fun pictures!
    ha ha you two could be two mermaids swimming in the bathtub that is in the window guarded by the dog with a pipe :)
    would be fun.
    ok. you have a few days off!
    very good the selfpic!