black cat overload!

The thing I like about Stockholm, is that it's so small and still there's room for both city life and wild(-ish) fields like this one above. This "country church" (Brännkyrka kyrka) is literally only two minutes from one of Stockholm's largest local transport hubs (Älvsjö). 
Took a walk through these fields this morning - I needed something to lift my spirits after finding out that one of the few vegan cafés (that's open late, too!), is closing down this week (veganfoods.se). I'm not really into cupcakes, vegan or not, but sometimes it's just nice to be among likeminded. ;)

Another watercolour of my sister!

And here's the cat pic fest! :)


  1. I hate it when a favorite store closes..luckily you have black cat to help you cope : )

  2. Hello Sau! :) You are a BEAUUUUUTIFUL girl!!!!!! And you're SOOOO sweet!!!!!

    I think that I'd love Stockholm -- that lovely mix of citylife and countrylife... just perfect!
    Your watercolors are great, Nancy!!! Keep enjoying your holidays in Sweden!

  3. I must say that I enjoyed your last half dozen or so posts--with all the cat pictures and charming little watercolors of various girls (your sister among them). Lovely!

  4. I think this watercolor of your sister is great!! I love the color sepia, yo lo uso mucho, también lo mezclo con azul para hacer negro! in fact is the fastest-ends en mi caja de acuarelas!
    to your profile picture I would call it "two glances"
    buen finde, Nancy!!!!