Watercolours are great for travelling!

There won't be a whole lot of touristing this time around, but I think I'll manage to give you a couple of little somethings, like this colour sketch of Kvastmakartrappan, one of the few corners of Stockholm that survived the modernisation of the city (although other parts are still constantly under threat. Or course one needs to be realistic, but some people just seem to have no room for heart and soul - what's wrong with having it both ways, why must the old disappear in order for the new to exist? Anyway.).
See that loaf of trees on top of the hill in the distance? It's what's left of an old fortlet, now a restaurant and café. It's called "Fåfängan", meaning "vanity" or "folly". It suits it somehow.

Oh, and a little one of my sister:


  1. love your water color...I was just thinking about this yesterday...the vanishing landscapes...it happens all the time, doesn't it? did not let myself think how it would become...hope you enjoyed your thursday : )

  2. OHHHH great both watercolors!
    Nancy, you're a fine watercolorist, did you know?
    y la foto de tu perfil GRRRRRRRRRRR!!! (para morder, ja ja)
    buen fin de semana!!!!!!

  3. I LOVE your watercolors, Nancy! :)
    Yes... it's so sad that so many old things have to disappear... :(