watercolours, trafic signs and a black cat.

Self portrait. Yeah, seriously, I look bitchy if I don't actively try not to! Very misleading face. ;)

Found a sign I hadn't noticed before; the kids look kind of crazy and unpredictable so I get why cars need to be warned ... (I just wish the car didn't look so much like a predator!)

Sau being her beautiful self:


  1. You look serious on that self portrait! :)
    The sign is cute ;) And Sau is such a sweet, adorable girl!!! And SOOO beautiful! Have a great time with your sis!

  2. Nancy, your mastery is admirable
    a few lines, a few touches, some color (just enough)
    and your self portrait looks great!
    this only gets it, who feels very confident about what makes
    and never by chance!!!
    I call this, talent + craft
    Talent without craft is worth little
    and vice versa
    Los ojos de ese gato son tan profundos que uno no puede dejar de mirarlos!!