The fog has lifted. ... and so have the badgers! With Brian May as their leader.

So, before I relapse, I'll hurry up and do the giveaway draw!  Actually, it's done already, and the winner is Serenap95. I filmed the draw and you can watch it below. It blurred a bit so you may have to just trust me that it was her name on the paper slip ;)

And then, thanks to Mock The Week, I came upon this anti-cull video inspired by Queen's own Flash Gordon soundtrack - can you spot the long haired Brian May badger?


  1. Felicitaciones a la ganadora (o ganador?)
    Nancy, qué suerte que mejoraste tu salud!!! :)
    ¿Algo pasa con los tejones en Inglaterra, verdad? yo no estoy enterado, lo siento, no sé que ocurre.
    buen fin de semana!!!!!

    1. bueno ... comme ci comme ça. pero mejorando ;)