After summer sparkles!

Mmm, it's October in Stockholm and the weather's perfect! Sure, the sky's a little grey and moist some days but it's not cold yet and there's lots and lots of fresh air. And if one doesn't feel inspired by the cool heavens, there's an explosion of colour at ground level! Like these city mushrooms found by the side of a roundabout.
Or flattened chestnuts, so many it's impossible to walk around them:

I took these photos today as I was putting up flyers for the exhibition - I would've shown you a photo of me in action, but I found it a little too hard to hold the flyer, the roll of tape, the camera and posing at the same time so ...

But here's a little preview of what else will be there:

I saw a large ginger cat walking among the autumn leaves today and was reminded that I've yet to take even one picture of Sau, my sister's cat! I'll try tomorrow ;)


  1. Oh... vine a verte pero estoy muerto de sueño vuelvo mañana!!!! :)))

  2. OK I returned,
    I put the Google translator in Swedish-Spanish, I loved this "sisters in a work of theater in space and time" (at least that's what Google told me)
    here, Oct. starts showing different colors, but not fall, you know, spring wildflowers and different shades of green, it is also inspiring.
    I wonder, have your cats who cares when you're gone?

    Algo importante: Deseo a tí y a tu hermana Carolina, Que la exposición de pintura sea un EXITO!!!!!! OK? :))
    mucha suerte!!!