Exhibitions, preparations, waiting ... and it's over already!

Ok, not over yet, it's on till Nov 12th. But the opening, and all the work leading up to it seems now, in hindsight, to have gone by so fast! Here are some souvenirs from last week:
Hanging out, winding down before the opening:


  1. OK. I saw all the photos.
    do you know what I like?
    first: your blonde hair ;)
    and then: Oh. the space of the exhibition hall is enormous!
    Second: I like to see that artists not only create art. must also work to hang their work on the walls and organize the expo, and certainly, a lot of things, being an artist is not a simple thing, in this days, right? Congratulations to Nancy and Caroline! :)))))

    1. I agree - I love it when artists show how they work, all the preparations and the thought that lies behind the actual artwork!
      My blond hair does look la rather lovely shade of strawberry in that light! But it was far too long and straight - the one, bushy, wave you see in that photo lasted for about an hour before it was straight and boring again. But I've cut it shorter now and it's so much more me ;)