Illustration Friday: "Creature"; 生き物 ikimono

Creatures of The Night

"Creature" made me think of Frankenstein, which in turn led me to the Rocky Horror Picture Show - obviously! Not that this illo has anything to do with the musical, but I did snatch the title from it ;)

edited and added 27/10-2013 ... oops, just went and made another sketch inspired by this week's theme!
This cat has got herself a creature to cater to all her wants!


  1. Creatures of the night is an exceptional job, my dear Nancy, (and you ask me from where I get my ideas??) I tell you. NEVER ever ever!! in my life I could do something like this!
    It has details like the red bird, the cat, the little faces that make it a perfect work of art. Why? because I, as a viewer asked me about the meaning of each of these elements in your work. and that's what a work of art must show: mystery!
    FELICITACIONES querida Nancy!!

  2. Child lost in a wood full of ghosts and creatures... Good! And I specially like the background, the crinkled blue, brown, beige.