Roberto's cat in the hat!

Got off the plane from Sweden late last night, and had this big brown envelope waiting for me ... It didn't look too exciting, until I noticed the return address: from Roberto in Argentina! So I carefully ripped it open and ..:
How amazing is this! A while back, Roberto took a mobile phone instructions leaflet and drew a series of hat-drawings on every single one of its pages, you can see all the images on Roberto's blog. This man has some serious imagination going on! I've framed the drawing and put it up in my studio, so that I can have it in front opf me at all times and be inspired:
So, THANK YOU Roberto for this absolutely wonderful gift, I love it to bits! :D 

P.s. Mis padres cuidan a los gatos cuando yo no estoy. :)


  1. What a wonderful gift and beautiful drawings..you are right, he is very talented!

    1. Yes, his art has that little spark of wonder, I think it's amazing!

  2. Nancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥
    me vas a matar de alegría, porque es una alegría muy grande para mí que lo hayas recibido!!!
    And what an honor for me that you have framed and put it in your studio. and your kind words, greatly exaggerated reality. you know, for me it is a pleasure to give my drawings to my friends, and when you said you liked the Cat in the Hat, I just drew this (a little gangster) and sent it to you. I feel that I must say to you thank you very much Nancy, because I admire you as a great artist.
    BTW, how was all in sweden?
    Te envío un millón de besos y un solo abrazo pero tan fuerte como un oso!!!!! Ja Ja!!! :)

    1. Como un grizzly? Ouch! ;) And no, I did not exaggerate one bit, I think your mind would be a fantastic place to visit! Someone should invent a an implant that allowed people access to the images that are running around inside your skull, like a tv screen in the back of your head. It would be immensly amusing for anyone sitting behind you on the bus ;) Actually, I wouldn't mind one for myself - a glimpse into my own head would be useful sometimes! oh well, we're headed in that direction anyway, what with under-skin implants and all, maybe someday ... (before I turn all Asimov here, I'll go over to your blog and have a look - it's been too long! :o)

  3. OK. as a teddy bear ha ha.
    Hey, this weekend there is a bus ride through my brain, you like? I will reserve a ticket for you, HA HA,
      Oh, Nancy!, You are surprised by my imagination but yours is fantastic, I loved this, about, screen in the neck, (look at my profile photo)
    do you not have low self-esteem, you are a creative genius! besides, you know very well how to put your ideas on paper or canvas, I just do cartoons
    I have my moments with my mind blank, I have no idea, and is desperate. then I think of something totally absurd, and I say why not?
    OK. Nancy, I'm glad you're back. how do you found your cats? they missed you?
    y vos los extrañaste a ellos, seguramente!!
    OK va un beso hacia España!!!!! para tí!!!!