cats and bears and cats. And two dogs. And a cat.

I might have given the impression the other day that there's been all work and no play this week, but that wasn't the case at all! It was just one of those weeks that was filled up with things like errands, editing, commission work etc. And it was also the kind of week where I thought Wednesday was Friday. And then I thought Thursday must surely be Friday. 
But, at last, I know that today is Friday because Illustration Friday has offered a new challenge! ;)

Among the things I did this week, was cards for the upcoming winter holidays. Still haven't sent out any myself but that's going to be rectified in the coming weeks.
I've also drawn a design for businesscards, for a lovely lady and her beautyful dog.

And added a few prints to the shops!
(Denna björn-illustration finns också ända upp i affisch-format 70x50 cm både på Epla och Jabbo)
This bear in the forest print is available here.

And you may remember a doodle I did a few days ago, on an instructions leaflet, well, that has made it into the shop too! :)

... oh, and whilewe're at it, you might want to know that I'm offering free shipping on all my Etsy prints this weekend, just use the code 15NOV2013 when you check out! :)


  1. You already know my two favorites...and I cannot wait to see the Christmas cards...enjoy the well-deserved weekend : )

  2. Nancy, vos confundiste los días de la semana porque mi propuesta te puso nerviosa!!! JA JA
    Bien, hablando seriamente, la ilustración con el oso es EXCELENTE!!!!!!!!!!!! felicitaciones
    La mujer con el perro también está buena.
    Qué facilidad que tienes para dibujar animales!!!!! Te admiro, Nancy!!!!!!!!!
    muy bueno el selfshot del perfil.

    1. lol, yeah, that must be the reason! :D
      i'm glad you like the bear - would you believe it's my first time drawing a bear! Although I originally wanted to do an ice bear :o