Illustration Friday: "shadow"; ひかげ hikage

These past two weeks have been oddly confusing; for three days in a row I've been sure it was Friday, until Friday actually came, and it didn't feel like Friday. This week has felt like a Saturday ever since Tuesday, except for yesterday when I spent an entire morning convinced it was Sunday.
So somehow I feel as if I'm trying to catch up with all this time flying away from me, but only catching shadows.

BTW, did you catch google's Dr Who game today? It's quite the sight seeing 11 doctors jumping up and down with their arms in the air like hyperactive children.


  1. La semana pasada yo estuve como vos, el viernes dije que era sábado y el sábado creí todo el día que era domingo!!!! ¿No será una invasión extraterrestre que está atacando nuestros cerebros???? :))
    Oh............ sí ví el juego de Google, me puse a jugrar, armé las letras G-O y me aburrí!!!!!!!!!!!! Muy histérico!!!!!!!!!

    1. then the invasion must've been a failure because this week I'm feeling tip-top, no confusion in sight! ;)
      bueno, tengo the admitir que entre todos los pasos del juego, solo me gustó uno :o